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Mýdlové bubliny Václava Strassera

RAINBOW BUBBLES – Václav Strasser

In this performance the magic-man will show you, what everything is possible with bubbles… You will be dragged to the fragile world of colours and glitter of soap bubbles in various sizes, modifications and shapes – he produces smoke-bubbles, giant bubbles, rainbow and many others tricks.

The unique performance with soap bubbles

  • balls, school balls
  • events, birthday party
  • exhibitions and advertising campaigns, opening parties
  • children´s days and town festivals
  • performances for schools
  • theater performances
  • bubble workshops
  • special efects for film and advertisement

Václav Strasser

Václav Strasser - a Conservatory graduate, pantomime courses lecturer, author of a dozen full-length silent theatre comedies with 900 reruns performed throughout Europe

Film roles:

  • Příběhy obyčejného šílenství - Wrong Side Up (2005) - Bubble Artist
  • Kamenný most - The Stone Bridge (1996) - Bubble Artist

TV productions:

  • Clever (TV Nova, 2006)
  • Hodina pravdy - The Hour of Truth (ČT, 2005)
  • Bolek Polívka's Circus (ČT, 2003)
  • Šance - Chance (ČT, 1994)
  • and other productions by European TV's

Special Awards:

  • International Festival of Movement Theatre "Café de la Danse" Paris
  • Jiří Trnka's Award by the Czech Dramatic Artists' Union for an original approach to situation humour in the performance "ŠLI KLAUNI SVĚTEM" ("THE CLOWNS' VOYAGE")
  • Award at the Festival of Pantomime in St. Maur in Paris for the performance "NOČNÍ MŮRA" ("NIGHTMARE")
  • Festival "Million Fairy Tales", Bucharest 2005

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