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Mýdlové bubliny Václava Strassera

RAINBOW BUBBLES – Václav Strasser

In this performance the magic-man will show you, what everything is possible with bubbles… You will be dragged to the fragile world of colours and glitter of soap bubbles in various sizes, modifications and shapes – he produces smoke-bubbles, giant bubbles, rainbow and many others tricks.

The unique performance with soap bubbles

  • balls, school balls
  • events, birthday party
  • exhibitions and advertising campaigns, opening parties
  • children´s days and town festivals
  • performances for schools
  • theater performances
  • bubble workshops
  • special efects for film and advertisement

Performances for children

Rainbow bubbles and other clown shows

The legendary performance by Václav Strasser, an outstanding Czech mime and clown, was awarded the Jiří Trnka's Award by the Czech Dramatic Artists' Union immediately after its opening. It has since then enchanted hundreds of thousands of audience in Spain, France, Italy, the Benelux countries, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Russia, and Egypt… maybe thanks to the fact that instead on a spoken word, it is based on situation humour, spell of the moment and the magic beauty of soap bubbles.

The performance begins with classical clown sketches in a modern adaptation. A series of comic gags spiced up with the protagonists' charm makes audiences of all ages laugh.

Later on, the viewers are drawn into a temporary and fragile word of color and glitter of soap bubbles in all kinds of sizes and variations, which appear and vanish before the astonished audience's eyes. You can watch them a hundred times and they will still enthrall, move and surprise you time and again.

It's a performance to remember.

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